5 ways. 5 plays.

About Prime 5

Despite the challenges facing Dallas, it remains a resilient community that is ripe for revitalization and renewal, in part, because many residents are willing to work hard to change their circumstances. Prime 5 is a commitment to stimulating that revitalization and creating an environment where every member of the Dallas community can thrive.

It starts with the 5 plays of Prime 5: Financial empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship, education, at-risk youth programming, and recovery communities. Funds raised through Prime 5 will help expand the efforts of organizations that are currently implementing solutions like these in Dallas.

But of course, life is a team sport, which is why Deion is partnering with Stand Together to help bring this vision to life.

About Stand Together

From for-purpose organizations and volunteer groups to business owners and community leaders, Stand Together believes the most important work being done in America today is the result of innovative organizations addressing the roots of poverty in their communities.

We call them “Catalysts.”

We identify and vet Catalysts that are making an impact in their communities by addressing one or more of the five pathways. We invite them to participate in our Catalyst Program: A six-month course that provides the training, resources, networking, and strategic business support these organizations need to grow and amplify their impact.

Though our existing Catalysts operate in cities across the country, we’re looking to the Dallas community to help us find local organizations that are ready to scale their work with the help of Prime 5 and Stand Together.

So, whether it’s recommending local organizations that are doing amazing work, making a donation, or simply volunteering in your community, we hope you’ll join us in our commitment to tackle Dallas’s hardest problems!

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