Addiction + Trauma

Today, more than 23 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol.1

It’s clear that the American addiction epidemic has reached crisis levels. And from the devastating impact on the users themselves to the violence and crime inherent in the drug trafficking industry, that crisis is hitting Dallas hard.

The problem persists, in large part, because just 11 percent of those 23 million individuals are undergoing treatment.2 The rest struggle in silence, often to avoid the stigma and shame that comes with admitting they need help, or simply because they believe no amount of help can set them free.

With a national relapse rate as high as 40-60 percent, it’s clear most recovery programs are missing the mark, meaning even individuals in recovery have a slim chance of staying sober.3 Many programs fail simply because long-term recovery requires more than just medical resources — it requires an understanding of the causes that lead to addiction and a supportive community in which people can heal.

We believe that all individuals battling a substance use disorder deserve the opportunity to repair broken relationships, find meaningful work, and become happy, healthy and productive members of society. So, Prime 5 and Stand Together will support organizations that can shatter the stigma surrounding addiction by empowering people to stay sober for life. From helping individuals overcome trauma that contributed to their addiction, to replacing those addictions with other healthy habits and creating a supportive community that helps strengthen individual resolve, we will help Dallas residents find freedom in sobriety.

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