Chronic Unemployment

Maybe you’re seeking a fresh start after being incarcerated…

Or maybe employers think you’re past your prime, and they pass you up for that job you know you’ve earned… Or maybe you simply never finished high school because you were working to help keep food on the table when mom got sick…

Whatever the story, the ending is always the same: When you’re out of a job, it’s easy to feel like you’re never going to get back in the game.

It’s clear that a job is more than a pay check — well-paying, fulfilling employment is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty because it restores dignity, purpose, and pride to those struggling to re-enter the work force. But in a city where less than 20 percent of jobs are accessible by transit in less than 90 minutes, finding those jobs isn’t easy.1

So, Prime 5 will support local Catalyst organizations that provide workforce development programs to those facing the greatest barriers to stable employment. From job search and skills training, to job placement support and more, these programs equip individuals who are willing to work hard with the knowledge, access, and training they need to find and maintain employment, and in turn, find a clear pathway out of poverty.

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