Today, more than 27,000 Dallas residents are living in poverty despite being employed full-time.1

But it’s often bad luck, not bad planning, that leaves individuals struggling to find a way out of debt. From unexpected illnesses or a sudden job loss, to caring for aging family members, fighting an addiction, or making emergency home repairs, debt can hit like a tidal wave and leave a wake of destruction that lasts a lifetime.

Whether it’s the stress of relentless bill collectors and loan sharks or the fear that the next rent check might bounce, the emotional strain of living in debt can bleed into relationships and even affect mental health.

Simply put, we believe no one should have to choose between buying groceries and paying the bills, or simply figuring out how to make their child’s birthday happy. That’s why Stand Together will partner with local Catalysts who can provide innovative financial empowerment programs that teach practical strategies while also addressing the behavioral patterns that lead to debt, helping individuals restore balance to both their bank account and their personal lives.

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