Educational Failure

50% more economically disadvantaged 6th and 7th graders in Dallas are failing standardized Math & Reading tests compared to similarly economically disadvantaged kids across Texas.1

But because districts, not parents, determine where children go to school, families who live in underprivileged areas are left to make the most of schools that consistently fall short.

Alarming as the academic statistics are though, the challenges students face outside the classroom and the lack of support schools can provide are the greater concern. From broken families and the lure of gang life or drugs, to the 3,700 homeless students2 with nowhere to go once class is dismissed, life outside of school can make graduation — let alone overcoming poverty — seem utterly unattainable.

The fact is, no matter how smart they are or how much potential they have, it’s not easy for Dallas students to succeed when the odds are stacked against them. That’s why Prime 5 is dedicated to amplifying organizations that can give students and schools alike the support they so desperately need to change the game both inside and outside the classroom.

Stand Together will help by supporting organizations that offer innovative educational programming to give children the support necessary to pursue the opportunities they deserve. These programs can include tutoring, after-school programs, scholarships, mentoring and more — all of which are designed to level the playing field and help every student realize their potential.

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