Jan 26, 2018

Prime 5 Catalyst Program Cohort Launches With 12 Dallas-Based For-Purpose Organizations

What’s new with Prime 5? Have you heard the latest? We’re launching the Prime 5 Catalyst Program in February!

Over the course of 2017, we searched for the most impactful for-purpose organizations helping Dallas residents break the cycle of poverty. Twelve remarkable organizations were chosen to participate in the four-month cohort, during which they’ll cover topics like talent acquisition and planning, vision, and storytelling. The program will provide opportunities to learn from one another, collaborate, and apply these principles for a greater impact in the Dallas community. We’re excited to get started and see how we can catalyze powerful transformation by working together in Dallas.

Get to know the 12 Prime 5 Catalysts below. To stay connected to our work in Dallas and Prime 5, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To stay up-to-date on our Catalysts, sign up for emails here.

Advocates for Community Transformation (ACT)

ACT empowers inner-city residents to fight crime in their communities, using the justice system to educate and encourage them to take a stand. ACT builds trust-based relationships and partners with residents to exercise their rights to create safe neighborhoods.

Akola Project

Akola Project is a nonprofit jewelry brand that provides training, living-wage employment, and education programs to women in poverty. Akola serves women who were formerly incarcerated, immigrants, survivors of sexual trafficking and domestic violence, and women-headed households.

Behind Every Door

Behind Every Door strives to transform lives in underserved neighborhoods by forming deep relationships, cultivating a stable environment, and collaborating with community partners. The program includes educational after-school programs, employment and financial resources, mercy and social support, physical fitness programs, spiritual encouragement, and mentoring.

Bonton Farms

Bonton Farms is an agricultural intervention to cultivate a sustainable, vibrant farm in South Dallas with the mission to restore lives, create jobs, and ignite hope. The urban farm addresses the food desert in South Dallas while also helping clients identify and overcome obstacles preventing them from reaching their potential.

The Concilio

The Concilio empowers parents to improve the education and health of their families by providing parent engagement and leadership development support. The Concilio’s programs aim to prevent high school drop-out among economically disadvantaged, underserved communities and engage parents in the academic success of their children.

Dallas Life

Dallas Life is a homelessness recovery program where men, women, and children, receive the support, structure, and resources necessary to establish stable housing and self-sufficiency. Programs include a 10-month residential program, as well as programs that serve seniors and those with disabilities.

Education Opens Doors

Education Opens Doors equips students with the college and career resources they need to prepare for and succeed in postsecondary education. The program’s core components help students raise expectations, increase confidence, and build skills to navigate the college-going process.

Interfaith Family Services

Interfaith works to empower families in crisis to break the cycle of poverty, primarily by eliminating barriers such as housing and childcare, equipping parents, and educating children. Services include financial coaching, on-site counseling, and educational enhancement programs for children.

Mercy Street

Mercy Street recognizes the power and importance of relationships in catalyzing transformation. Through mentoring, a leadership program, and a bike shop, Mercy Street works with youth and teens to create healthy communities and raise a new generation of leaders.

Miles of Freedom

Miles of Freedom equips, empowers, and employs individuals returning home from prison and provides support for families and communities impacted by incarceration. With a job readiness workshop, transportation services, and youth initiatives, Miles of Freedom creates a path for men and women to successfully rebuild their lives.

Oasis Center

Oasis Center provides life changing programs and services to first time youth offenders and formerly incarcerated persons. Programs and services include a workforce development camp, a re-entry discipleship program, communication skills building, peer coaching, legal assistance, and more.


WiNGS provides women with the tools, resources, and coaching they need to become strong mothers, financially secure, and successful in the workplace. Programs include financial empowerment coaching, parenting support, and entrepreneurship training.

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