What’s new with Prime 5? Have you heard the latest? We’re launching the Prime 5 Catalyst Program in February! Over the course of 2017, we searched for the most impactful for-purpose organizations helping Dallas residents break the cycle of poverty. Twelve remarkable organizations were chosen to participate in the four-month cohort, during which they’ll... (read more)
What do the holidays look like at your home? For many of us, that question sparks memories of reuniting with family from far and wide to celebrate the year with plenty of food, gifts, and good cheer. But for thousands of American families living in poverty, the holiday season isn’t so bright. Aside from... (read more)
“I’ve been told every reason why it won’t work — everything from ‘these kids won’t show up…’ To ‘these kids can’t cook this food…’ To ‘restaurants constantly fail…’ If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been told no, I’d have a restaurant in every state.” Those words kick-off a powerful video detailing... (read more)
According to a report from the Dallas news, there are currently 31,000 Dallas residents living in poverty despite being employed full-time. That’s 31,000 people who’ve managed to find and keep a job in the tight Dallas market, but still can’t manage to break the cycle of poverty. Of course, we know a myriad of... (read more)
According to the Dallas News, experts predict that by 2030 about one million Dallas County residents — nearly one-third of the population — will not be literate in English. Aside from the day to day challenges associated with illiteracy, it presents a nearly insurmountable challenge for individuals looking to enter — let alone thrive... (read more)
$25,000 Grants to be Awarded to Select Community Organizations in Dallas September 20, 2017 (Dallas, TX) – Stand Together and Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders today announced the launch of the Prime 5 Catalyst Program, an effort that will create Stand Together partnerships with a select number of Dallas organizations that have demonstrated the... (read more)
1.2 million students drop out of high school every year in the United States — that’s one student every 26 seconds. Who are these students? And what happens to them after they drop out? Studies consistently show they are predominantly children growing up in poor and low-income families. In fact, a recent report found a... (read more)
Originally published on stand-together.org In our 2016 year in review, we recently introduced our portfolio approach — how we identify and choose organizations for partnership. With thousands of organizations and businesses creating value for their communities, how do we choose the most impactful ones? Americans wrestle with various, serious societal issues — which issues do... (read more)
What does it mean to be in your “prime”? Healthy, determined, successful, educated, strong – all these words come to mind. For many, though, it’s a constant struggle to find their prime, or even imagine it. At Stand Together, we believe everyone has the gifts, talents, and potential to find their prime. But, many... (read more)

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